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When you've dropped 50, 100, or an even greater number of pounds, you can almost feel the weight being lifted each day. But the same is not true for your skin - practically all men and women who lose a lot of weight are left with areas of sagging skin. Typically, the mid- to lower-body is one of the most prominent areas where this loose skin forms, which is why Dr. Thomas McNemar performs body lift procedures to completely revamp a patient's midsection.

This procedure combines abdominoplasty, thigh lift, and buttock lift for a complete makeover that can span from your upper abdomen to your knees. Also known as a belt lipectomy, the procedure can dramatically transform the look of almost any person who has achieved significant weight reduction.

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The Straight Story

You had many goals in mind when you chose weight loss surgery in San Francisco or San Ramon, CA - goals like improving your health and energy, reducing your risk of certain illnesses, and enhancing your self image. It is important to both your comfort and confidence to complete your weight loss journey and remove the excess tissue that serves as a constant reminder of your former self. Dr. McNemar's cosmetic surgery options, including body lift, can help you look your very best.

Body Lift after Weight Loss Surgery near San Ramon, CA

Dr. McNemar performs body lifts in a single surgical session or in stages, depending on patient needs. The primary concern is always patient safety, but as long as the procedures can be performed together safely, Dr. McNemar will perform combination surgery for added convenience and a single recovery period.

During a body lift, Dr. McNemar removes excess skin and fat from the midsection. As you may guess, the body lift often requires extensive incisions to contour this large section of the body, and patients are often left with scarring that encircles the waist. The men and women who undergo body lift feel that this scarring is an acceptable trade-off for increased comfort and a more pleasing appearance. Keep in mind that while scars will continue to lighten, they will remain visible in revealing outfits or when you are not wearing clothes.

Because this is a complicated procedure, you should be sure that any plastic surgeon you choose has experience dealing with the unique needs of post-bariatric patients who are having combination procedures. In addition, you should plan on several weeks of downtime. Dr. McNemar will monitor your recovery closely and give you clearance when he feels you can resume work functions and other normal activities.

Helping You Achieve Your Goals

When you've achieved your weight loss objective, plastic surgery to remove excess skin and tissue is often the next logical step. Dr. McNemar's weight loss surgery patients from San Ramon, Walnut Creek, Modesto, and beyond choose a body lift to create a smooth and shapely contour that more closely matches the look they envisioned when they began your weight loss program. Dr. McNemar has seen how plastic surgery has the power to improve lives, and he looks forward to helping you complete your transformation.

If you're considering cosmetic improvement after weight loss surgery in San Francisco or Northern California, you deserve to have your procedures performed by a plastic surgeon who is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Request your consultation today and receive a complimentary excerpt from Dr. McNemar's latest book, Bariatric Plastic Surgery: A Guide to Cosmetic Surgery after Weight Loss. Or, call (925) 866-0177 for our San Ramon office or (209) 834-0626 for our Tracy office to make your appointment.

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