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Slimming your body was one of your main goals when you chose bariatric surgery or a supervised weight loss plan. While you have seen many benefits to your health and happiness as the weight has come off, you've also seen loose skin develop all over your body, concealing how much weight you've really lost and in many cases causing discomfort. Dr. McNemar has helped patients just like you achieve increased comfort and an enhanced cosmetic appearance through plastic surgery. He looks forward to meeting with you as well.

Your Procedure Options

It's time for all your hard work to really pay off. It's time to enjoy a more attractive figure with these cosmetic surgery procedures:

Body Lift

Combining several body sculpting surgeries including abdominoplasty, thigh lift, and buttock lift, the body lift allows Dr. McNemar to completely rejuvenate the mid- and lower-body area, removing loose skin and retightening tissue to transform the look of almost any post weight loss patient.

Arm Lift

A procedure also known as brachioplasty, arm lifts tighten and tone the upper arm by removing excess skin and fat tissue. Dr. McNemar often performs arm lifts for men and women who have succeeded with significant weight loss in the San Francisco Bay Area.


A trusted method to safely and permanently remove localized fat deposits, liposuction is performed at Dr. McNemar's practice using some of the latest techniques and technologies to achieve remarkable results and to shorten recovery time.

Thigh Lift

To slim both the inner and outer thigh and improve overall body silhouette, Dr. McNemar performs thigh lift for post-bariatric patients. This procedure also can relieve the chafing that often occurs when loose skin rubs between the thighs.

Tummy Tuck

Also known as abdominoplasty, tummy tucks are a key procedure for most post weight loss patients. Dr. McNemar retightens the stomach muscles while removing excess skin and residual fat deposits to create a flatter tummy.

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Next Steps

If you are unhappy with the shape and contour of your body after weight loss surgery in San Francisco or Northern California, it's time to learn more about your options, including liposuction and tummy tuck. Request your consultation today and receive a complimentary excerpt from Dr. McNemar's latest book, Bariatric Plastic Surgery: A Guide to Cosmetic Surgery after Weight Loss. Or, call (925) 866-0177 for our San Ramon office or (209) 834-0626 for our Tracy office to make your appointment.

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