Post Bariatric Abdominoplasty

After significant weight loss, most men and women are left with unattractive hanging skin in the upper and lower abdomen, and loose abdominal muscles that do not respond to exercise. Dr. Thomas McNemar performs bariatric abdominoplasty following weight loss surgery in San Francisco, Walnut Creek, Modesto, and other Northern California locales. Also known as a tummy tuck, abdominoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure that removes excess skin and fat while tightening abdominal muscles. This surgery is about more than improving appearance - it is also about enjoying greater comfort and confidence.

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The Straight Story

You had many benefits in mind when you chose weight loss surgery in Walnut Creek or San Francisco - benefits like improving your health and energy, reducing your risk of certain illnesses, and enhancing your self image. You deserve to complete your journey and meet your goals with a body that looks its best. Dr. McNemar understands and appreciates your objectives - that's why he has performed post-bariatric plastic surgery for so many people just like you.

Abdominoplasty after Weight Loss Surgery in Walnut Creek

A tummy tuck offers you the ability to slim your stomach and create a more attractive midsection contour. Just as important, it can offer relief from skin irritation, infections, and other hygienic problems that often accompany sagging abdominal tissue. Feeling comfortable in your own body is extremely important, and many of Dr. McNemar's post weight loss patients find that abdominoplasty is an essential part of their cosmetic surgery plan.

Without surgical reshaping of the abdominal area, you are likely to continue to have frequent skin inflammation flare-ups after weight loss surgery in the San Francisco area. A tummy tuck is your best way to relieve this discomfort and feel more slender.

Helping You Achieve Your Goals

After losing the weight, your next goal is to enhance your body contour. Abdominoplasty is a popular procedure among Dr. McNemar's weight loss surgery patients, almost all of whom have loose abdominal muscles and excess skin and fat tissue in their midsection. No amount of exercise will fully retighten stomach muscles, and surgical excision is the only way to reshape loose skin. Dr. McNemar has performed hundreds of tummy tuck procedures, often for patients who have lost significant weight, and he understands how to create a smooth and shapely contour while minimizing and concealing scars.

For post-bariatric patients, abdominoplasty is often combined with a thigh lift, body lift, or liposuction to provide a complete reshaping of the lower body. Generally, tummy tucks are performed on an outpatient basis, and surgical time will depend on whether the procedure is being performed on its own or in conjunction with other plastic surgery. By tailoring procedures for your unique body needs, Dr. McNemar looks forward to helping you complete your transformation.

If you're considering cosmetic improvement after weight loss surgery in San Francisco or Northern California, you deserve to have your procedures performed by a plastic surgeon who is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Request your consultation today and receive a complimentary excerpt from Dr. McNemar's latest book, Bariatric Plastic Surgery: A Guide to Cosmetic Surgery after Weight Loss. Or, call (925) 866-0177 for our San Ramon office or (209) 834-0626 for our Tracy office to make your appointment.

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